Yoga One on One

In AcuFit Health we believe that a healthy body is a a moving body. So we encourage our patients to keep active and incorporate daily movement into their weekly schedules. Yoga is an ancient art form that is gentle and suitable for almost everyone regardless of age or fitness level. On top of that Yoga is known for it’s benefit in regulating the body's stress response (Cortisol levels) and management of chronic pain conditions such as back pain, sciatica and neck and shoulder tension. Regular yoga practice can assist with keeping the muscles long, mobile and flexible, whether you are a professional athlete or a someone who sits at the desk all day.


Yoga and Chinese medicine are two modalities that complement each other really well. The term ‘Prana’ or life force in yoga is similar to the Chinese medicine concept of “Qi”. Both terms can be simplified and referred to as Energy. In Modern yoga practice we use movement, breathing techniques and meditation to move energy in the body. In a similar way that in Chinese Medicine treatment we use Acupuncture, Cupping and Herbal Medicine to move the Qi.


In a one on one Yoga Session with our 200hrs qualified yoga instructor, your workout will be personally tailored to your injuries or medical condition. So it can be beneficial and complementing to the acupuncture treatment you are receiving at AcuFit Health by helping you build strength, flexibility and progress towards your health goals at your own pace. 


Both Yoga and Chinese Medicine meet you where you're at now, to work with your body to create balance and fluid energy flow. So give it a try...

Yoga One on One Prices

60 min private session - $90

30 min private session - $70