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Acupuncture services in City Beach

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicinal practice that uses the strategic insertion of thin, single use, sterile needles into specific acupoints on the body to stimulate energy pathways known as meridians. By promoting the flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body, acupuncture aims to maintain balance and overall well-being for therapeutic benefit. 

We believe in a holistic approach to health, treating not only the symptoms but also addressing the root causes of imbalances. Acupuncture treatment itself is gentle and essentially painless, with the needles precisely placed to activate acupuncture points associated with the condition being addressed.


Patient-focused  care

At Acufit Health, we aim to promote balance of body, mind and spirit to help our patients achieve optimal health and be the best version of themselves, both mentally and physically, so that they can enjoy their life pain and disease free.

During an acupuncture session, we will conduct a thorough assessment to understand your health history, concerns, and goals. The effectiveness of acupuncture can vary among individuals, so an important of our practice is to tailor treatment plans based on each patients’ individual needs and responses. We use a combination of acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and herbal medicine treatments to achieve the best results for our patients.  

Conditions we address

Acupuncture effectively complements the treatment of conditions such as allergic rhinitis (Hay-Fever), knee osteoarthritis, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems and chronic lower back pain. It is most effective when integrated into a comprehensive conventional treatment plan that may include rest, physical therapy, and medical interventions. 

Pain Management

Acupuncture is a suitable natural, drug-free, complementary therapy that can be applied to relieve and manage pain caused by problems such as headaches, migraines, arthritis, and neck, back and shoulder pain.  The placement of needles stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, providing relief.

Stress Relief

Acupuncture is an excellent treatment for symptoms related to stress conditions. These commonly include high blood pressure, trouble sleeping, and digestive disturbances. Additionally, acupuncture can be applied to manage the pain, stress and fatigue related to some autoimmune disorders, in consultation with other treating health practitioners, and the management of pain, fatigue and nausea related to many chronic diseases.

Sporting Injuries

Inna has 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, which informs her understanding of how to assist moving bodies in recovery from sporting injuries and how to apply acupuncture that may relieve acute and chronic pain caused by injuries such as sciatica, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder and more.

Women's Health

Some studies positively associate acupuncture for women’s health as a complementary therapy that may help balance and regulate hormones, promote healthy blood flow to the uterus and reproductive organs.

Acupuncture can be effective in treating symptoms associated with irregular or painful menstruation, menopause, and premenstrual syndrome.

Many health practitioners may recommend acupuncture as an adjunct treatment that may assist with IVF treatment.

Take the first step today.

If you are experiencing something different to the issues mentioned above, please contact us with questions and we will be happy to help. Our clinic in City Beach is a calm, safe and warm place for you to address all your health needs.
We are highly trained and experienced in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and we tailor our treatments to suit your individual needs, ensuring a personalised and holistic approach. 

Embark on your journey to better health with AcuFit Health.

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