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What should I expect on my first appointment?

At Acufit health we take time to really listen and understand your unique condition. Please arrive 10min before your appointment time to fill our pre appointment questioner. Once completed, your practitioner will discuss your condition in detail with you and also take your pulse and look at your tongue. In Chinese medicine we have a holistic approach to health, so we want to know everything about your overall health. We will ask you questions about your sleep, digestion, energy levels and moods. This will give your practitioner a clear picture of what’s happening in your body  and the  imbalances may be present. They then will explain the Chinese medicine diagnosis and offer a personalised treatment plan for you. The practitioner then will answer any questions you may have. Once you are happy with the treatment plan you will get to relax on the treatment bed for about 20-30min with the acupuncture needles inserted in different points in your body allowing the acupuncture do it’s work. Most of our patients feel very relaxed and even have a little ACU-nap. At the end of the treatment the needles are removed and the practitioner will give you some tips of how best manage your condition at home following the treatment. We are always here and available for any questions that might arise following your treatment, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us and email.

Does acupuncture hurt?

At AcuFit Health we want our patients to feel calm and comfortable. The Acupuncture needles we use are very thin 0.18mm and most of the time you won’t even feel them as they are inserted into your skin. You may experience a dull heavy sensation around the needle, which is common when the energy or ‘Qi’ is moving in the body. Some points are a little more sensitive than others and if you feel any discomfort, please mention it to your practitioner and they will remove the needles, so you can rest, relax and enjoy the benefits of your treatment.

Who can Benefit from acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a gentle treatment suitable for most people at any age. In the case of babies or small children we don’t retain the needles, so needles are inserted momentary and immediately removed. The safety of our patients is our highest priority. Please mention to your practitioner if you are taking blood thinners, wearing a pace-maker or have any other pre-existing medical conditions, so we can adjust the treatment to your needs. Most people can benefit from acupuncture treatment when they already have a health concern. We strongly believe that acupuncture can be used for prevention of disease. And encourage our patients to get regular periodic  acupuncture treatments as a preventative measure, to keep their body at optimal balance and health.

Can I claim a rebate through my Private health Fund?

Most private health funds offer rebates for Acupuncture treatments. The level of the rebate, will depend on the level of your cover. We recommend that you contact your private health provider prior to your appointment to find out if you are covered for acupuncture. We will provide you with a receipt and you will be able to claim online. Unfortunately Medicare does not offer any rebates at this time. 

How much does it cost?

All appointments include consultation and Acupuncture treatment

Initial consultation - $130

Return consultation - $100

Concession (health care card/Student) - $80

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